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March 17th, 2020 | Covid-19 Response

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

In today's message from Pastor Jeff, we are announcing the plans that Crossroads Christian Church is making to making life as normal as possible during this pandemic. Our plans will help all of our ministries, including the Children, Youth, and some small groups, to continue with lesson plans and to meet virtually! Please read all the announcements below for all our current news!


Covid-19 Response Volunteering

We are announcing ways that YOU can help serve those who will be hit the hardest. We have identified that our Healthcare workers, First Responders, and the Elderly will need support the most. So first, if you want to HELP and serve, please click the link below!

However, we also want to know WHO NEEDS HELP! If you are a Healthcare Worker, First Responder, or Elderly and would like ministered and prayed for, or maybe help with your kids, groceries being delivered, etc. WHATEVER you think you will need help with, we want to know! Just click the link below to start the process of HOW we can help you!

If you want, you can also text or email us at, or you can call us during business hours at (740) 264-9679


Going LIVE and Online

God has blessed us with so many ways to stay in touch, and we want to utilize everything we can to stay connected, even from our homes! -Our Youth Group will be meeting LIVE, especially on Sunday and Wednesday nights. They will be using their Facebook Page for regular updates. They will be using the Youth Blog on our website to post videos, lessons, activities, and more.

-Our Children's Ministry will also be giving special lesson plans so all of our parents at home can have fun and lead their kids spiritually! They too will have their own Children Blog on our website, with videos, lessons, and activities.

-Changes are being made to our next 4-weeks for Wednesday nights. There will be no Bible "U" for March 18th or the 25th. However, on April 1st and 8th, Pastor Jeff will be posting his Bible "U" lessons on our Facebook Page! -Our "Forgiveness" class with Shari and Mark Prichard will be going LIVE on our Facebook Event Page March 18th and 25th!


Weekend Services Cancelled

This one was a hard one to call...however, all of our Elders unanimously agreed that all weekend church services should be cancelled until further noticed. It is just too dangerous and unhealthy for 400+ people to meet together during this pandemic. However, we will still live stream to our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel on Saturday evenings, and Sunday mornings. If you're tech savvy enough, you could even watch us on your Roku device through the YouTube app. Don't miss out! We also have plans to do something crazy and creative, so we could possibly still congregate together to worship God and give the message, while we still play by the rules...just stay tuned to our Covid-19 Blog for continual updates, and pray!!!


Please Continue To Give

Your continual generosity is much appreciated. With everything going on, it will be easy to forget to give your tithes and offerings. We want to continue to minister and provide support to our community, and we need your support to do it. You can give traditionally by stopping by the church and use either the front door drop-box, or if the doors are open, our offering boxes will be right there for you to drop your offerings off.

You can of course mail in your checks to: Crossroads Christian Church 110 Springdale Ave. Wintersville Ohio 43953

Our online giving and text message is a very safe and secure way to give, and it only takes a few moments from your cellphone to do it! This is probably the best way to give during this time. You can even setup an automatic offering, so your tithes and offerings will be given regularly. Click this link for easy-to-follow instructions on how to give online or by text-to-give.

Pray...pray diligently to God! As a the world, we need to return to God and follow His Son, Jesus Christ. He is our saving light right now, especially TODAY! With His forgiveness and mercy, we will draw closer to Him.

God Bless, Crossroads~

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