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CrossKids Devo | Trusting

6/16/2020 – Trusting – Jonah 1:3, Acts 8:27

Activity – How RU Doing

Draw a line on a sheet of paper. Place a 1 on the left end of the line, a 10 on the right, and a 5 in the middle. As kids arrive, ask them to pencil in their initials on the line.

Say: If your day was so awful you wish you'd slept through it, place your initials by the 1. If it was a great day and you wish you could repeat, put your initials by the 10. Place your initials anywhere on the line that shows how you feel today.

Bible Time – Trusting – Jonah 1:3, Acts 8:27

Verse Of The Day: Jonah 1:3

Read: Acts 8:27

Story: Continued from yesterday. Today we are going to look at how Jonah and Philip reacted to God’s call to “go.” First, our Bible verse says that Jonah ran from the presence of the Lord. The people of Nineveh were very mean and evil. Jonah did not want to go to them because he was afraid God would forgive them, and he wanted God to punish them for their wickedness. Jonah’s heart wasn’t in the right place because he didn’t like the people of Nineveh and that they did not deserve the forgiveness of God. We may not always feel like telling people about Jesus, especially if they have been mean to us, but God loves them too and wants to do a work in their lives.

Now let’s look at what Philip did. The Bible tells us that he arose and went. This is what it means to obey. The Bible does not tell us that Philip sat there and started asking the Lord a lot of questions before he went. And he didn’t run the other way; he just went. Philip trusted and obeyed God. The Lord desires to use anyone who believes in His Son, Jesus, and who is willing to “go.” Even though Philip had no idea what he would do once he got to the place where the Lord was calling him to, he just trusted in the Lord to take care of the details.

Whenever the Lord asks us to “go" we can trust that He has opened all the doors to get us to the place He wants us. All through the Bible we see how the Lord chooses to use all kinds of people for His plans. He still uses people today. God uses boys and girls, men and women just like He used Jonah and Philip. We will find out tomorrow what happens with Jonah and Philip. Continued on Wednesday

  • Have you ever had a time when you doubted the Lord?

  • Does God want us to go and tell the good news to people who are different?

  • Share what you think may happen with Philip and Jonah.

Kid’s Bible Dictionary

Doubt: Opposite of trust. Doubt the Lord means we are not trusting Him to be in



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