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CrossKids Devo | Strength

Activity – Tell Me Thumbthing

Say: When people like a movie, they sometimes give it a thumbs-up. Demonstrate. Really like the movie? Two thumbs-up. If they dislike or really dislike the movie, they give it one or two thumbs-down. Demonstrate.

Please rate how this past week has gone for you. Was it a one or two thumbs-up week? A one or two thumbs-down week? Or maybe you'd give it one thumbs-up and one thumbs-down--it was a good and bad week.

Rate your week now.

After kids rate their weeks, give kids 30 seconds each to explain why they rated their weeks as they did. You'll go first, sharing a story that models the sort of brief, personal stories you hope kids will share too.

Children will express themselves more over time, and hearing their stories will help you adapt this session to make it even more relevant to your kids' lives. Bible Time – Strength – Galatians 2:20, 2:20-21, 3:26-27 Verse Of The Day: Galatians 2:20

Read: Galatians 2:20-21, 3:26-27

Story: Susan was visiting her favorite aunt when the worst possible thing happened. Sometimes Susan was a little clumsy and would drop things. She never meant to break anything, it just kind of happened. Her aunt had a favorite glass dish that she was never supposed to touch. Susan had only meant to look at it for a few minutes, but it slipped out of her hands and shattered into millions of pieces. For a minute, Susan wanted to clean up the glass and never say anything. But she knew this was wrong. She knew that Jesus saw what had happened even if her aunt didn’t. Susan cleaned up the glass and prayed for strength to tell her aunt about the dish. She knew Jesus lived in her heart and He would give her courage to do the right thing. As she prayed, God gave her strength and comforted her heart by helping her to remember what Jesus said, “I will never leave you, or forsake you.”

When Susan told her aunt what happened, she expected to be punished. She was not supposed to touch other people’s belongings without permission. But her aunt wrapped her arms around her niece and thanked her for being honest. Her aunt said it took great courage to be so honest. Susan told her aunt that Jesus was the one who gave her the strength to tell her what happened.

Sometimes things happen to us that might cause us to hide from the truth. When we are Christians we should remember that we have a great, awesome God, who loves us and lives inside of us. No matter what we are tempted by, we can always ask Jesus to give us the strength and courage not to sin. It is always best to do the right thing and trust God, no matter how hard that may be.

  • Can you think of something Jesus has given you strength for?

  • Tell about a time when Jesus delivered you from sin.

  • What should you do when you are tempted?

Kid's Bible Dictionary

Temptation: Something that draws us into sinning


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