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CrossKids Devo | Seed (Part 1)

Activity – How RU Doing

Draw a line on a sheet of paper. Place a 1 on the left end of the line, a 10 on the right, and a 5 in the middle. As kids arrive, ask them to pencil in their initials on the line.

Say: If your day was so awful you wish you'd slept through it, place your initials by the 1. If it was a great day and you wish you could repeat, put your initials by the 10. Place your initials anywhere on the line that shows how you feel today.

Bible Time – Seeds – Luke 8:11, Psalms 1:1-3

Verse Of The Day: Luke 8:11

Read: Psalms 1:1-3

Story: Mrs. Johnson stood at the counter of the nursery with a very visible frown. “Where is Mr. Brown?” inquired Mrs. Johnson. “I bought these flower seeds here last month to plant in my garden, and they will not grow! These seeds must be old and no good!” “Hold on, Mrs. Johnson,” insisted Tommy, Mr. Brown’s helper, “There isn’t anything wrong with those seeds, I planted some of the same seeds here in our garden, and they grew just fine.” Mrs. Johnson peeked around the corner and saw the beautiful flowers growing. Tommy continued, “I don’t think there’s any problem with the seeds. Maybe, the problem is with your soil.”

“In order for a seed to grow and take root you must prepare the soil,” said Tommy. “Is your soil prepared for those seeds?” Mrs. Johnson paused and said, “I don’t believe so. How do I prepare my soil to make the seeds start growing?” “The first thing you need to do is soften up your soil; then you need to fertilize it,” replied Tommy. Tommy continued with more detailed instructions, but Mrs. Johnson was impatient and did not listen well. It sounded like a lot of work. It was easier to hope the little seedlings would still somehow pop through the soil. Rather than preparing the soil and planting new seeds, she decided to watch T.V. and rest on the couch.

Mrs. Johnson’s flowers did not grow because she did not prepare her soil. This week, as we study the Parable of the Sower in our devotions, we will learn that just like it was important that Mrs. Johnson’s soil be prepared, so it is important that our hearts be prepared to receive the seed of God’s Word in such a way that it will begin to grow and produce fruit in our lives. We’ll learn more about Mrs. Johnson and her gardening each day throughout this week and along the way we’ll learn more about the soil of our hearts. (Continued on Tuesday.)

  • What are some things needed for a seed to grow?

  • In the parable that Jesus told, what is the seed?

Kid’s Bible Dictionary

Parable: An earthly story with a heavenly meaning.

Seed: Represents God’s Word.

Sower: A person who scatters seed for growing crops, represents Jesus.


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