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CrossKids Devo | God's Love (Part 3)

Say: When people like a movie, they sometimes give it a thumbs-up. Demonstrate. Really like the movie? Two thumbs-up. If they dislike or really dislike the movie, they give it one or two thumbs-down. Demonstrate.

Please rate how this past week has gone for you. Was it a one or two thumbs-up week? A one or two thumbs-down week? Or maybe you'd give it one thumbs-up and one thumbs-down--it was a good and bad week.

Rate your week now.

After kids rate their weeks, give kids 30 seconds each to explain why they rated their weeks as they did. You'll go first, sharing a story that models the sort of brief, personal stories you hope kids will share too.

Children will express themselves more over time, and hearing their stories will help you adapt this session to make it even more relevant to your kids' lives. Bible Time – God's Love (Part 3) – 1 John 4:11, Leviticus 19:18 Verse Of The Day: 1 John 4:11

Read: Leviticus 19:18

Story: (Continued from yesterday) Mrs. Wilson looked surprised. “Tommy, that is not possible.” Tommy retorted, “I do great work! Give me a chance!” “I’m sure you do,” Mrs. Wilson replied earnestly, “but you can’t pay less than Eric; he’s helping me for free. I can’t afford to pay anyone. Eric has been coming over here for the past few weeks helping out of the goodness of his heart. After Eric is finished here, he goes to Mr. Gibson’s house and helps him with his yard work. Eric has not accepted a dime!” Tommy left puzzled. “Wow”, thought Tommy. “Why would Eric do such a goofy thing? Work without getting paid?”

Tommy’s attitude was much different when he ran into Eric the next day. He asked Eric why he was helping people without getting paid, especially Mrs. Wilson who could be pretty rude when she wanted to be! Eric knew that the Lord had given him this chance to share with

Tommy about God’s great love. He told Tommy about God’s plan to save us, how He sent His Son to die on a cross for our sins. He continued, “When God’s love settles down in your heart, it changes you; you have to share it with everyone…God’s love is so strong that He refuses to give up on anyone, no matter what kind of person they are. God’s love can change anyone’s heart.” Eric invited Tommy to church.

Tommy had seen God’s love shining through Eric, and he wanted to know more! He accepted Eric’s invitation and came to church with him Sunday. Even more exciting, Tommy asked Jesus into his heart. Eric’s prayers were answered. The following week Eric was riding his bike home when he noticed Tommy carrying Mrs. Wilson’s groceries for her. Tommy winked at Eric and said, “No charge!” Eric praised God again for what He had done in Tommy’s life.

  • What surprised Tommy about Eric’s work for Mrs. Wilson?

  • Because Eric was showing God’s love to others, God was able to use him in some great ways? How?

  • As you understand God’s great love for you, you want to share it! Can you think of some ways you can share God’s love with neighbors and friends?

Kid’s Bible Dictionary:

God's Kind Of Love (Agape): A self-sacrificing love. (1 Corinthians 13.)


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