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Church Announcements and Service Sign-ups

Service Sign-ups

Remember, during our in-church services, we aim to provide a safe and healthy place of worship, but ultimately it is your decision to attend. Please review our guidelines below:

  • Attenders please SIGN UP (until further notice) for a selected service to ensure attendance does not exceed 50% of sanctuary capacity, allowing for social distancing during services. Please use this service sign-up form to RSVP. Alternatively, you can call the church office at (740) 264-9679

  • Attenders who are in at-risk groups or those who serve at-risk groups are encouraged to continue to utilize the online service and refrain from in person attendance. Click this link to watch our online services on Saturday 5pm, and Sunday at 9am & 10:45am.

  • Anyone with any symptoms or sickness should utilize the online service and refrain from in person attendance.

  • Social distancing will be observed, including in the lobby, worship area, restrooms, entrances, parking lot etc., BOTH BEFORE AND AFTER SERVICE (Please note that seating is set in “groups” as family units are presumed to already be in contact with each other, but household units should distance from other household units).

  • High traffic areas and surfaces will be disinfected between services.

  • Communion will not be passed (until further notice). Attenders are encouraged to take communion at home with family members after service.

  • Offering will not be collected through passing. Offering boxes will be available as usual at back of sanctuary.

  • Nursery and Children’s Ministry activities will be available during each service, but may be limited by current state guidelines at the time of service and the need to social distance (Please note: Social distancing guidelines will be attempted but cannot be guaranteed with children).

  • Air circulation will be maximized while building is in use.

  • Masks are encouraged but not required for attenders.

  • No classes or groups will be allowed to meet in main church building simultaneously to church services. Classes and groups can meet (allowed on a case by case basis depending on size) simultaneously with ongoing church services in the education building but must follow COVID 19 protection guidelines.

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