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These are the local missions we support. Some of them you can volunteer with. See details below.


Aim Women's Center

Helps give love and education to pregnant women who might otherwise seek an abortion. Using medical technology such as sonograms and sharing the love of Christ we are able to help give these women another alternative other than abortion. Click here to learn more. 


Each month we set aside a small amount to assist local families who are in need. These funds are distributed by a team who interviews applicants and uses this opportunity to meet needs and present the Gospel. If you need assistance contact the church at 740-264-9679 for a Benevolence form.

Crossroads Kids

We support Elkhorn Valley Christian Camp by giving our kids scholarships to camp and providing Elkhorn with an offering annually.

Jefferson County Christian School

Provides a Christian education to students K – 12 grades. Click here to learn more.

Tuition Assistance

We feel that it is imperative that men and women called to ministry can follow that call. We assist students who are involved in pursuing a ministry degree with tuition.

Urban Mission

Under the direction of Ashley Steel, Urban Mission reaches out to those in need. It is a blessing to be able to partner with Urban Mission in helping to provide warm meals, clothing, and a warm bed to those in need. Click here to learn more. 

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