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Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth is a ministry in Kenya, Africa. This ministry supports a school, an orphanage, a church and numerous outreaches around Homa Bay near Lake Victoria. It also feeds many in this extremely impoverished area.

House of Grace Thailand

House of Grace is a student center in Mowah, in northern Thailand, which allows Karen students to finish their secondary education. In addition to discipling high school students, our location adjacent to an elementary school allows our missionaries to introduce Christ to elementary aged students as well. Our missionaries and our high school students have also begun to minister in the mountain villages where all of the children who live at the school are from. Click here for more information.

Overland Missions

The Schwertfeger’s lead and oversee teams that go into remote areas of Africa and reach the lost with the Gospel. They are also very involved in building relationships with local governments and between tribes and nations in an effort to establish churches and Christian leaders. Jacob is well respected and consulted by many African leaders. This is rare, and is serving to advance the Gospel greatly. Click here for more information. 

Word for the World

Ken and Sue Sawka currently serve in Zambia, Africa where they assist in translating the Bible into various languages that do not have the Bible. Recently, Ken led a team that translated the Book of Mark into the Kunda language. The Kunda people have never had God’s Word in their native tongue. The efforts of the Sawka’s are literally changing the lives of entire villages. Click here for more information. 

World Help Peru 

Through a dual partnership with "Catch the Vision" and "World Help", Crossroads is underwriting the transformation of Shiriara, a village on the Amazon River in Peru.  The transformation includes three water wells for clean water, a new church building and updates to their public school building over the next three years.  The wells were finished in 2019.

Central Asia Boarding

One difficulty for missionaries serving overseas is finding an appropriate education for their children.  CAB is an organization designed to help missionary children attend school so that their parents can stay on the mission field.  It is a fresh approach to keeping the gospel preached in underserved areas of the world.


The Whites are our partners in the Dominican Republic. A discipleship Training Center and orphanage are at the center of their work.  Crossroads sends a team to work with the Whites each year. 

Sowers Ministry

Neil Anderson and the Sower's ministry are active in areas that many missionaries struggle to work in. Placing Bibles in China, food and Bibles in Tibet, and sharing the gospel in India are among projects that Sower's is pursuing in hard to reach spots around the globe.

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